Our Programs


  1. Problem identifications (problems on-farm, pre-harvest, off-farm/post harvest, market chains) through participatory approach with farmers and traders in collaboration with government agencies,
  2. Survey for updating data on aflatoxin occurrence in several selected areas,
  3. Identification, selection, adaptation, and or adoption of specific locally acceptable agricultural practices for the prevention and control of aflatoxin both on-farm and off-farm,
  4. On-farm: preparation of plant resistance to Aspergillus flavus and A. parasiticus,
  5. Off-farm: preparation of appropriate and applicable dryer for rapid dehydration of agricultural commodities, UV lamp for rapid detection of aflatoxin,
  6. Researches on new technology approaches in peanut and corn industries and their value-added products (which likely create investment opportunities)


  1. Conducting Aflatoxin Forum Indonesia (AFI) annually as media for sharing information on aflatoxin research. The 1st AFI meeting was held on February 24th 2006). Papers are available,
  2. Advocation and improvement of public awareness related to aflatoxin and food safety
  3. Identification, coordination, and implementation of cooperative programs with local government and other agencies,
  4. Establishment of comprehensive program for training based on the existing problem,
  5. Establishing guidelines for good agricultural practices including the use of fungus and toxin resistant varieties of plants, proper irrigation techniques and fertilizer practices, pest control, and crop rotation,
  6. Establishing guidelines for good post harvest and material handling practices, including drying and storage practices,
  7. Training and assistance to the local farmer and traders.

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